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Magazine GOOD FRIDAYThere was a joke going around in my family that “abusing alcohol runs in the blood”.

I started drinking just to experiment and boost my confidence among friends, but instead I lost my value. I was very vulnerable and ended up engaging in wrong relationships. I had no self-control, so under the influence of alcohol I o ended people with my speeches. I was living in misery and had no peace. Even though I managed to complete my under and postgraduate studies, I never performed exceptionally or gave my all at work, so opportunities surpassed me which I could have taken advantage of.
In my mind I just thought that I loved alcohol and there was nothing that could change that. The “happiness” I found in alcohol was only for that moment and I lived with a lot of regrets thereafter. I tried to change by consuming lighter alcohol, but the effects were no different, I truly hate this time of my life.

I was then invited to the services at the Universal Church where I initially attend- ed the Sundays and Friday’s services for deliverance. The Friday services helped me a lot because, it was the day I would normally drown myself in alcohol. I made a choice to change and I opened my mind to receive help.

Today for 4 years I have totally broken free from the addiction of alcohol and the curse has been broken. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I am now free, I have self-control and am now focused. I give my level best in everything and I am put in leadership positions, a level I never thought I would reach. God truly exists.

Justine Shipanga

Magazine GOOD FRIDAYAlthough I was born in a Christian family and went to church every- day, my relationship with God was dead. My parents thought I was born of God, but I knew that I wasn’t because; I was a liar, thief, and alcohol-drug addict.
“I was addicted to marijuana and ecstasy. I also tried cocaine. I used to steal clothes, cellphones and money just to buy drugs. I also stole alcohol from the market just to feed my addiction. The guys I got involved with used to rob people, even during the day.”
They controlled the area where another group used to sell drugs. Although labeled “cool”, I didn’t have peace. There was a void in me I did not know how to fill.

I was only able to change when I decided to give my entire life to Jesus. I said enough to being a hypocrite and having a double life. I stopped doing the wrong things and started paying attention to what the pastor preached. I joined the Youth Power Group where my spiritual healing began. I decided to get baptized in the water and sought for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Today, I’m a new man. I have inner peace, I don’t have to search for it in wrong things anymore. Through this new life, I’ve come to believe that God exists and reveals Himself in the lives of those who sincerely seek Him.

David Gonçalves

Magazine GOOD FRIDAYI started smoking marijuana and abusing alcohol following a crowd of friends. They told me that if I got high, I would feel good. What was only a trial turned into a habit that made my life miserable.

“I started selling my clothes to buy drugs just to get high.”

I became very aggressive and engaged myself in fights. I was very problematic at home. My mom thought I was mentally ill, I later decided to leave home to go stay with friends for more freedom. I wasn’t happy with what had become of my life. I would regret my doings whenever I was sober. I wanted to change, but I couldn’t do it on my own.

My sister invited me to church. I hungered so much for change that I took advantage of the chain of prayers. After receiving counseling and special prayers for my deliverance I’m now completely free from all addictions. I recovered my dignity, got married to a wonderful woman and do not need drugs to feel powerful anymore.

Now in the same way I got free I would like to invite all who are suffering with this problem to join us at this special therapy were I will be giving steps you can take to be free from addictions like I did.

Timothy Shifura

elifasThough I had a comfortable job in the government, my financial life was complicated. I lived pay-check to pay-check. My vision was opened after engaging in the chain of prayers on Mondays for my financial growth. There I learnt to let God be ahead of all the plans I had regarding my finances. I learnt to sacrifice and be bold in order to conquer what I want. I got revolted against my financial instability and took action. I didn’t accept to settle for less. I resigned from my job and I started selling droewors and other items on the streets. It was a hard decision to make and a big embarrassment for both me and my wife, but I knew what I wanted. My business was growing inch by inch and from the profit I made, I managed to buy the equipments and other things I needed to open my own school. Today, I am my own boss. I have my own institution with 8 branches around Namibia that o ers a wide range of courses. God has opened doors for me and this is just the beginning.

My financial life was complicated
Elifas Shilongo

Magazine GOOD FRIDAYThis all was devastating for me and I became suicidal. I attempted to commit suicide 3 times, but failed. I started searching for peace elsewhere and that’s when I got involved with a wrong crowd.

My “friends” introduced me to alcohol and without realizing, I became addict- ed. I drank secretly from my parents . I also began self harming, body piercing, smoking hubly bubbly, clubbing and getting tattoos. I was doing very well in my studies, but this didn’t stop me from being hostile and aggressive, instead I only lost focus. I fought boys at school because of the hatred I had for man after my father left us for another family.

Because of the addictions, “I lost my dignity.”

I reached a point where I had enough of being temporarily happy, empty and depressed.

My mother took me to the Universal church where I took part in the chain of prayers on Fridays for my deliverance, Wednesdays for my salvation and Thursdays for my family and I began to see the power of God in my life.

Today, I’m a different woman. I’m free from all the addictions. I have forgiven my father. I have inner peace and do not want to die anymore because now I know that God exist and is above all.

Avarista Beukes

I grew up in a broken home full of shame and humiliation. My mother abused alcohol to the point of passing out anywhere. Since I lived alone with her, I had to bear the responsibility of bringing her back home. Other kids mocked me for that.

Every time she got drunk, she would beat me up. I hated my life and I thought everybody else’s life was perfect. I wanted to live like my cousins.

My mother was unemployed so I could not get what I wanted. I told people she was not my mother and begged my grandmother to arrange for me to be taken by Child Welfare. I felt useless and hated everything about myself. I felt like I was ugly, tall and thin; very different from other people. I was emotionally drained, depressed and suicidal.

I became violent and sought comfort and pleasure with bad company. I had multi- ple relationships, and I would sneak around with different women and go clubbing. Besides my problems during the day, at night I was tormented with nightmares. I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming in fear for my life and would sleep walk. It was so bad that it affected my education and I failed almost every grade; sometimes as many as seven subjects.

When I came to the Universal church the pastors counselled me and motivated me to continue seeking God in my life. I took part in meetings for deliverance and spiritual growth and I learned to forgive my mother and myself, and God blessed me with a new life.

Today I’m free from all traumas of the past. I forgave my mother. I’m free from the terrors of the night. I have a beautiful wife and two kids. We have our own pre-school business that is growing every year and I help other people who are going through the same situation I was in before. If I changed anybody can change as well.

Eldo Goraseb | From Universal Church Katutura