31 Oct


The Board of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (Universal Church) writes in response to the article, video clip and response comments posted on the Namibian Sun Facebook page and Kundana Newspaper: 

The content has represented the Church in an extremely negative light and is factually incorrect. The negative and defamatory comments from those who read the post and watched the video are based on opinion formed by the publication’s content and contain serious allegations which are completely without foundation or supporting evidence.

It is regrettable that journalists from the publication did not uphold accepted standards of practice and contact the Church to verify facts and request the organisation’s comment. Consequently, one sided, inaccurate content has been published in the public domain which has damaged the Church’s good name and reputation and fuelled public speculation unfairly. In the interests of fair, balanced and accurate reporting:


The Board of the Universal Church, an international Biblically-based church, became aware of the matter on Thursday 26 October 2017 when a woman came to the Church in Ondangwa and confessed to a Pastor that she had murdered her child in a moment of anger. The Church leadership and its members are always extremely distressed to hear of any incident of violence and abuse. In this case, it is commendable that the woman realised she needed help and voluntarily came to the Church to speak to a Pastor.

Under normal circumstances, the content of confession is held in the strictest confidence, but in cases where a crime has been commited and where a child may be in danger, the Church has a legal responsibility to take action for the protection of a minor. For this reason, the Pastor brought the matter to the regional Bishop, and a policewoman, who is a member of the Church as first point of contact, was contacted for professional assistance. The policewoman alerted the local homicide unit who took the woman into custody. She was due to appear in the Ondangwa Magistrate Court on Monday 30 October 2017.

The Church teaches Biblical truths which contain a clear commandment not to kill. The mandate of the Universal Church is to preach the gospel, which it does throughout the world. All teaching is founded on Biblical principles, which encourage members to live Godly lives and make intelligent and informed decisions regarding their life choices. However, every person has a free will and is responsible for their decisions and the consequences of their actions.  The Universal Church categorically condemns any form of illegal, immoral or violent behaviour. Furthermore, the Church is actively involved in creating awareness of abuse and organises programmes to help people who are victims of any form of violence or illegal activities.

The allegations made by those who have commented that the Church is satanic, a wicked church which practices witchcraft are completely incorrect and without factual foundation. The leadership of the Church refutes this defamatory association in the strongest possible terms.

We are a serious church for serious people.


For further information, please contact Nametso Mofokeng at the church’s public relations department on +27 11 224 3400 or email pr@uckg.org.za.


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