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When you look at a scar, you immediately remember the pain that caused it. However, there are wounds that cannot be seen and yet are more painful than physical scars. Past traumas, rejection, loneliness, and abusive relationships can leave scars that last for years. And now you may be wondering, “How do I find healing from an inner pain? How can I overcome my past and move on?” The Inner Healing meeting takes place every last Sunday of each month, at 1pm, at the Universal church. For more information about the Inner Healing meeting, please call our 24hr Helpline on 061255888.



How many women started the year deciding to work on themselves? They believed that they would improve and become better. But where to start? How to do it? Once a month we meet at the Universal church-Cathedral of faith-32 independence avenue, to learn another step on how to start this inner change. Those from outside Windhoek can join us via conference at their local Universal church. For more information, please call 061255888.



The main objective of Godllywood is to take girls and change them into exemplary women, the opposite of what Hollywood is influencing woman to accept. We aim to help them develop family ties which have been lost in the recent years. For more info please visit our website.


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Mrs Ester Bezerra

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Mrs Cristiane Cardoso